Accepting Who The World Taught You Not To Be

We are born into this world and we slowly begin the process of learning who we are. Our teachers are the social environment: Parents, family members, siblings, friends, schools, religious communities, and all the other realms in which we encounter people who instruct us not only about how the world works and what is true, but how we ought to work in the world and what we ought to believe to be true.

At some point as we grow into adulthood we will likely begin to question what we had been taught about life and the world and who we are and who we believe we are supposed to be. Some of us may question all of it, while others of us may question only a little as we cling to our upbringing and the security of certainty which can be found there.

As we begin to question and find the ways in which we had simply accepted what we were taught without fully examining ourselves to see if it indeed spoke to our core, we may uncover aspects of who we truly are that we have subconsciously suppressed throughout our lives in order to belong to the group we had been born into. And unlocking those areas unlocks the aspects of ourselves which make us unique. That uniqueness is precisely what our world needs most. We need a radical acceptance of ourselves, which liberates us to offer acceptance to all others.

Who do you want to be in life? Look at the ways who you are has been diminished. The ways which truly bring you alive, but the world may have taught you were too idealistic, too “out there” or simply not in accordance with how the world works today. What dreams do you have? What inspires you with a sense of wonder and enjoyment that soars above the clouds like the winged creatures tasting the presence and present moment of flowing with the air?

Learn who you are, and become who you truly desire.

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